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About us

29th Minsk City Polyclinic was put into operation on May 8, 1980.

Prior to the opening all the people living in the Kurasoushchyna district serviced in 3rd City Polyclinic located at Fabricyusa street.

Since 1980, over 10 years, until 35th City Polyclinic was opened in 1990, we served a population of about 90.000 people, moreover - vocational school students, industrial workers, Brick Factory No. 10, Color Printing Factory, Meat-Packing Plant, Integral. Instead of the existing 2 therapeutics departments there were 4 of those. The situation was improved substantially with the opening 35th polyclinic in 1990.

Today the Polyclinic capacity is 750 visits per shift. The staff number is: 64.75 positions of doctors, 132.5 positions of nurses . 63% of physicians and 85% of secondary health care workers have qualifying categories.

The Polyclinic was led by physicians: 1980 - 1999 - Eduard N. Bulychevskiy 1999-2006 - Irina M. Shelyuto, from 2006 to the present time - Raisa G. Zvanets.

In 1995, Ultrasound and Endoscopy Diagnostic services appeared. Since 1997, Day-Care Department has operating here. Since 2004, Consultative and Diagnostic Care Department for Urology Patients has been functioning here servicing people of Minsk October district.

Today the Polyclinic, despite the difficulties and long-term capital repairs keeps working faithfully and consistently with the team remaining optimistic.

The capital repairs is on its final phase. We plan in nearest future to perform: Full computerization, upgrading with modern equipment to improve the quality and accessibility of diagnostic and medical help.