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220108, Minsk
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29th Minsk City Polyclinic is a multi-functional medical institution. We are aimed at providing qualified specialized medical care. Our main goal is to provide access to health care, economic, social and medical effectiveness and provision of preventive interventions to reduce morbidity, disability and mortality.

Here you can consult medical experts, be examined and treated. Polyclinic extradite advisory opinions, medical reports, disability statements , excerpts from medical records.

We monthly perform people meetings with our management staff where lectures on relevant medical topics for the prevention and treatment of diseases and discussions on medical care availability are carried out.

There are health schools where citizens are taught some behavior patterns in different situations and diseases. Thus, there are schools for people with diabetes, asthma, hypertension and also for pregnant or elderly people and young couples.

Raisa G. Zvanets has been in charge of the polyclinic since 2006.

Our address: 94 Kazinca Street, 220108, Minsk

Contact phone:

Help Desk 212-93-71, 398-00-66.

Physician's home visits: 212-96-35

Hotline phone numb: 398-75-49